Story of the Band
From the garage to the stage

 "The Blues Co." was originally created in 1853 as a 4 piece blues band. Many changes have brought us to the final line up, as a trio, core members Fil and Neil remain. The recent  additions, (2018) of Rob "Muddy" Mudley on drums and percussion and "D" Mudley on Keyboards has transformed the band into a more balanced and compact unit. 

Neil took over lead vocals as we reformed into a trio, his talent and ability continues to inspire us. At the same time as singing and playing he operates the excellent band lighting with his feet. A true multi- tasker who off stage deals with nearly every technical aspect of the band. His musical and technical knowledge is astounding.

Fil stays true to the original spirit of bass playing, his rock solid bass playing is rooted in the traditional style of the blues greats, Duck Dunn, James Jamerson, Jack Bruce, etc', deep, heavy and solid. He is the soul of the band, with a no nonsense approach to his instrument. He believes in playing simply but well, which is what all the best players do, laying the foundation for other band members to shine through.

Everyone brings their own unique talent both on and off stage. 

"The Blues Co." is all about enjoying what we do, doing it to the best of our abilities and producing the best show we possibly can.

Band Members



Neil's current equipment

  • Over a dozen electric guitars: PRS, Fender, Hamer, Vox, etc.
  • Nearly 20 guitar amplifiers: Mesa Boogie, Bogner, Fender, Rivera, Laney, etc.
  • A ridiculous number of pedals: use mainly wah-overdrive-distortion-chorus-delay.
  • One single 30 year old guitar strap!

Fil's current equipment

  • Hartke HA 350 Head
  • Markbass little Mark11 
  • Markbass 115 Transporter
  • Markbass 210 Transported
  • Tc electronics BG 250 15
  • Warwick Fretless, Yamaha, Cort, Grant and Cobalt basses
  • Xtend Wireless system

Robs current equipment

  • Awaiting details

Performance equipment

  • PA Rigs:
  • Small venue Set Up:   3000 watt Mackie loudspeakers and monitor
  • Big venue Set Up:       8000 watt Denon Axis loudspeakers and subwoofers
  • Lighting Rigs: 
  • 4no 4-head PARs
  • 2no 4-head Moonflowers
  • 2no moving head wash
  • 2 no moving head spot