Story of the Band
From the garage to the stage

 "The Blues Co." was originally created in 2016 as a 4 piece blues band. Many changes over the years, and a total member change in 2019 leaves only founder and core member Fil  White from the original line up.

Band history

Ross Keeling, guitars & vocals.

Playing since he was 15 years of age, now 53 so I'll let you do the maths!....

Did a stint abroad for a while playing professional in warmer climates but now feet firmly back on familiar soil. Having played the heavier side of lead guitar for so many years, I thought I'd start to quieten down and hang up my ear plugs.

Been in a variety of bands in the past playing anything that sounds's all about the musicians not the music which excites and gets the creative juices flowing!

At the moment he prefer to play my Masterbuilt French made LAG guitar which was a real find in Denmark st London.

Other guitars include, Gibson Les Paul standard, Gibson Explorer and a US Fender Strat. Few others knocking around that see the light of day depending on the mood...

Depending on venues I use my Marshall JCM2000 or Fender Perfomer. BOSS provides all my effects...

In my studio at home I seem to be liking my line 6 which does every sound possible without cranking it up too loud.                             

So there you have it....looking forward to making some serious music and having some laughs along the way.

p.s (Fil)

Although Ross has played almost all styles in his carer he has never been part of a Blues band, but i spotted something in his style, tone, and attitude that convinced me that there was a natural blues player in there fighting to get out.

Ross's gear.

Gibson Les Paul Standard 

 Gibson Explorer 

US Fender Stratocaster 

Masterbuilt LAG Imperator 

BOSS ME80 effects pedal 


Marshall 1960AV 4x12 

 Fender 100w Performer 

Line6 65W combo 

XVIVE Wireless Guitar System 

SURE SM58 beta dynamic microphones 


Fil White

Fil stays true to the original spirit of bass playing, his rock solid bass playing is rooted in the traditional style of the blues greats, Duck Dunn, James Jamerson, Jack Bruce, etc', deep, heavy and solid. He is the soul of the band, with a no nonsense approach to his instrument. He believes in playing simply but well, which is what all the best players do, laying the foundation for other band members to shine through.

Everyone brings their own unique talent both on and off stage. 

"The Blues Co." is all about enjoying what we do, doing it to the best of our abilities and producing the best show we possibly can.

Fils gear

  • Hartke HA 350 Head
  • Markbass little Mark1
  • Markbass 800
  • Markbass 115 Transporter
  • Markbass 210 Transported
  • Tc electronics BG 250 15
  • Warwick Fretless, Yamaha, Cort, Grant and Cobalt basses
  • XVIVE Wireless system
  • Cobalt Custom made Jazz bass
  • Warwick Streamer 5 string Fretlees
  • Cort C5 plus ZBMH OTAB
  • Yamaha TRBX5
  • Vantage V4 Re issue Gold Standard P bass

Band Members

Fil White
Fil White
Ross Keeling,Gtr/vocal
Ross Keeling,Gtr/vocal
Nigel Dutton, percussion
Nigel Dutton, percussion