The Blues Co.

Welcome to our band!

"The Blues Co" are, Neil (Guitar and Vocals), Fil (Bass Guitar) and Rob (Drums and Percussion) "D" Mudley (Keyboards). We all have vast experience in playing music live and recording.

Although we are essentially a Blues style band we come from very different musical backgrounds so the songs we perform incorporate elements of hard hitting, driving blues/rock through to funk, jazz and soul. Which means you don't have to be a pure Blues fan to enjoy our music.

We play high quality instruments that are put through professional amplifiers and an 8000 watt P.A system. Even though we consider ourselves serious musicians we're not serious people. We want our audiences to feel relaxed, enjoy themselves, chat to the band and have a great time. Apart from death and taxes there aren't many guarantees in this world, but one thing you can be sure of..."The Blues Co" will do everything they can to provide your event with top quality music.